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    ORACLE_UNQNAME meaning?


      ORACLE_UNQNAME What does this mean?

      ORACLE_UNQNAME 是功能是什么?

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          The ORACLE_UNQNAME is an operating system environment variable that holds the database’s unique name value. You can find it with the following query as the SYSTEM user (through SQL*Plus):

          SELECT name, db_unique_name FROM v$database;

          The following link will give more detail.

          How to configure and run Oracle 11gR2 DB Console (OEM) | MacLochlainns Weblog

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            Thank you for your answer!


            What is the difference with ORACLE_SID ?

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              New in 11.2 is the environment variable ORACLE_UNQNAME and it is used with the OEM dbcoconsole. The value for db_unique_name database parameter is the value for  ORACLE_UNQNAME...


              For a Standalone server, most probably the ORACLE_UNQNAME and ORACLE_SID would be same. So when u run or check the status of dbconsole, it may ask you to set "Environment variable ORACLE_UNQNAME not defined. Please set ORACLE_UNQNAME to database unique name". You can set and proceed.


              For RAC, the dbconsole service runs as a single service. Assume you have 3 node RAC with ORCL database running on all 3. And obviously orcl1, orcl2 and orcl3 are the 3 instances. Assume the dbconsole service is running on node 2, then you need to set ORACLE_UNQNAME=orcl (i.e. db_unique_name) in that node 2(since the service is running in that machine.


              For Dataguard, You would've created a separate db_unique_name for primary and standby databases(recommended), eventhough the database name(db_name) is same for both primary and standby. So in that case, you can use db_unique_name from where the dbconsole service is running to set the ORACLE_UNQNAME

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                In rac environment

                  Two nodes "ORACLE_UNQNAME" needs to be set to the same value.

                For example: node1 ORACLE_UNQNAME = racdb

                         node2 ORACLE_UNQNAME = racdb


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                  Yes , You are conceptually right.  But again you need to see where the dbconsole service is running. If its running in node1, set OS environment variable  ORACLE_UNQNAME = racdb in node 1 to run the dbconsole. If the dbconsole service is running in node2, set ORACLE_UNQNAME = racdb in node 2...  Hope this would've cleared .. :-)

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                    Thanks again

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