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    Oracle Mobile Server 11G with BerkeleyDB/SQLite


      Hi all,


      Actually I have got following situation:

      There are 2 Java apps that are running on Oracle Lite. Due to our Win 7 migration und outrunning support of Support for Oracle Lite we decided to migrate to Oracle Mobile Server 11 G and switch to Berkeley DB. So far so good.

      During migration my administrator reported warnings from migration utility that the apps are not compatible and aren't migrated. Within these applications databaseaccess is done via JDBC and SQL. There is no time and money to rewrite dataaccess layer, so I need SQL Access to Berkeley DB.

      For my first tests I created via Mobile Server API a new Publication that contains simply one publication Item that is in One Way Synchronization (Server to Client) . I wanted to take a look into the submitted Database File. For that I found dbsql.exe. I called this app via command line with: "dbsql.exe MyDb.db". DBSql started but returned an error that SQL Statement is incomplete?!. Any idea? For that new publictation i also wrote a testapp that should spool out the contents of publication Item in a later step.


      Ok now i took a new look into internet for getting information about SQL Support. There I found that Berkeley DB now is able to speak SQLite. So it seems that new database is able to speak SQL via SQLite. Is that correct?

      I switched now in MobileServer Console my testapp to SQLite Win32; US and installed the SQLite client on my computer. My next try was to connect this database to dbsql.exe. The call of dbsql.exe "MyDb.db" returned that error that databse is eather corrupted or encrypted.


      I was really unable to find a guide how to use that SQL API for Berkely DB. Which .jars should I import in my Java app? How is connection been made?

      Is here anyone that can help me a little bit out?


      Many many thanks in advance!