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    Jrew error while installing oracle 9i on windows7


      I installed oracle 9i from cd's (3 cd pack) all the three cd's installed perfectly but after the installation of these three cd's , a window appears (which is default intsllation ) in which some below mentioned tools were installed:-


      1. Net Configuration Assitant

      2. HTTP server etc.


      when intallation of net configuration assistant is going on then a window is popped up saying "jrew.exe stops working" and the process of installation keeps going on and going on..........

      then when i stopped listner ,then another tool installation starts and after sometime again a window is popped with same message "jrew.exe stops working".


      means all the 4 tools are not successfully intalled



      please help me out in providing a solution for installing oracle 9i database on windows7.


      Thanks a lot,