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    Parse the Excel file through DBMS_Scheduler



      Excel file will be uploaded by the users for every 10 days by logging into the windows server , they will simply put the file in windows directory[like say in c:\MyFiles\Myfile1\]. Java code will be executed for every 5min to check whether there is new file has came or not in that path. File will contain 5K to 7K employee records.


      So we need to re-write this functionality in the oracle through DBMS_scheduler File watcher and scheduler job.


      My DB Ver:

      Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

      PL/SQL Release - Production

      CORE     Productio



      I came across the file watcher in DBMS_Scheduler,

      Please suggest how can implement this through DBMS_Scheduler


      MY Oracle DB is residing on another server and File will be on

      another server.Can I fetch the file which is on the remote machine

      and I will have credentials to login.



      Is there any extra steps to be done at config level, before going

      to schedule the job.



      Please help.