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    EBS and EBO


      Hello - I'm new to AIA and hence struggling to get my head around few things.


      1. Is it mandate that if we implement EBF/EBS' we have to an already available EBO?

      2. If yes, can we create a custom EBO and accordingly implement EBS' on top of it?

      3. Assuming we are using an existing EBO let's SalesOrder, in an Asynchronous request-delayed response pattern, do we have to have a response ABCS or the request ABCS can be used for callback from response EBS.

      4. Should we implement Request-response ABCSs, if so why?

      5. If we were to build Direct Integrations, that means we don't really need to implement EBFs/EBSs? as they would be application specific and hence no need of a canonical data model?

      6. Existing PIPs part of FP always use EBSs on top of EBOs with canonical data models?