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    OBIEE Integration

    Filip Huysmans

      Hello everyone,


      I'm not sure this is the right forum, if not please tell me.


      I need to show OBIEE dashboards in a WebCenter Portal.

      Apparently there exist a nice connection from ADF to OBIEE.

      Official document : Oracle® Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g Release 1 (1…


      Versions: OBIEE, JDeveloper


      I installed all the necessary plugins into JDeveloper.

      I'm able to make a connection to the BI server and see all the dashboards in the connection.

      The problem appears when I select a dashboard and want to drop it into a jsf page.  On the page itself nothing happens and in the log console I see the following messages:


      Aug 20, 2013 5:15:53 PM oracle.bi.presentation.soap.connection.impl.LogonTokenImpl

      SEVERE: Perform impersonation was enabled for the BI Presentation Services SOAP connection, but there was no logged in user!

      Aug 20, 2013 5:15:53 PM oracle.javatools.datatransfer.DataTransferPluginRegistry

      WARNING: Plugin threw exception: oracle.webcenter.content.internal.dt.rc.ContentDataTransferPlugin@160c0b3


        at oracle.webcenter.content.internal.dt.rc.ContentDataTransferPlugin.augmentImpl(ContentDataTransferPlugin.java:103)

        at oracle.javatools.datatransfer.AbstractTransformingDataTransferPlugin.augmentIfDesired(AbstractTransformingDataTransferPlugin.java:65)

        at oracle.javatools.datatransfer.DataTransferPluginRegistry._runPlugin(DataTransferPluginRegistry.java:151)

        at oracle.javatools.datatransfer.DataTransferPluginRegistry.performAugmentation(DataTransferPluginRegistry.java:98)

        at oracle.bali.xml.model.datatransfer.XmlTransferUtils.performAugmentation(XmlTransferUtils.java:555)

        at oracle.bali.xml.gui.GuiXmlContext.setDropTransferable(GuiXmlContext.java:287)

        at oracle.bali.xml.gui.swing.dnd.DropHandlerHelper._setCurrentTransferableIfNeeded(DropHandlerHelper.java:481)


      No matter what type of BI object I want to use, I always have the same error and behaviour.

      Even when I create a new ADF app, instead of a WebCenter portal app, I see the same problem.


      Any idea what the problem can be?


      Thank you in advance.


      Filip Huysmans

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          Filip Huysmans

          Hi all,


          I got it all working using JDeveloper instead of the

          It also doesn't work correctly when using the Chrome browser.  Using Firefox, everything seems to work correctly.




          Filip Huysmans

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            I have done this integration long back with jdev PS5, i hope it was working on IE & Firefox, i haven't tested using chrome,

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              Filip Huysmans

              To be more complete, this is the problem in Chrome :

              * Create different pages with OBIEE content.  I was using different dashboards.

              * Go to the first page, OBIEE content is showing.

              * Go to another page with OBIEE content, no content is showing and no errors in the console log-window.

              * Go back to the first page, no content is shown either.


              I found in the certification matrix from OBIEE that Chrome is only supported for versions 19->25.  All versions above are not supported.  This may well be the reason, but I can not be sure.



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                good finding,

                yes in that case, better you can raise an case with oracle only, finally oracle has to support

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                  Filip Huysmans

                  Hi ngsankar,


                  I'm not sure whether that would do any good, since the certification matrix clearly state the exception.

                  The question would rather be:  when will this be solved.


                  Another problem I have is that everything is working fine in OBIEE with Chrome, it is just the information being showed in the portal raises this problem.