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    Error while running application on 64 bit




      My application successfully run on 32bit system but now user want to run application on 64 bit.

      So oracle11G and Timesten of 32bit are installed on 64bit machine. Application setup is created on X86 platform and installed on the same machine. If application is executed only on oracle,It is working fine but  when we try to establish a connection with oracle and timesten together with following connection string:

      "User Id=" & strUID & ";Password= """ & strPWD & ";OraclePwd=" & mstrconnstrOraclePwd & """;Data Source=" & strDataSource & ";  Statement Cache Size=1000 ; Pooling=true;"


      connection request timed out occurred on 64 bit machine.


      Please suggest possible solution.

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          Perhaps you could provide some information that might help us? This level of information is completely inadequate to diagnose any problem. Perhaps you can start by providing the following:


          1.    Full output of ttVersion command.


          2.    The settings for the DSN being used.


          3.    Whether this is a direct mode connection or a client/server connection to TimesTen.


          4.    If this is a client/server connection then also the Client DSN setup.


          5.    What language is the application written in? I ask because that connection string does not look like a valid TimesTen connection string.


          6.    The output of the ttStatus command.





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            1) TTVersion :
            TimesTen Release (64 bit Linux/x86_64) (TT_IMDB_64:53385) 2013-05-23T07:10:08Z
              Instance admin: hsbcv7
              Instance home directory: /mtsapp1/Vseven/TimesTen/TT_IMDB_64
              Group owner: dba
              Daemon home directory: /mtsapp1/Vseven/TimesTen/TT_IMDB_64/info
              PL/SQL enabled.


            It was a client/server connection to timesten with   following tns entry :

            TT_IMDB_64 =
              (DESCRIPTION =
                (ADDRESS_LIST =
                  (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST =  = 53389))
                (CONNECT_DATA =
                  (SERVICE_NAME = TT_IMDB_64)
                   (SERVER = timesten_client)

            4.In Control Panel> Administrative Tools > right Click on   Data Sources.

              Select Properties.  Currently the values shown will be :

               Target  :    %windir%\system32\odbcad32.exe
               Start in   :    %windir%\system32

              Change system32  to SysWOW64 in both Target as well as    Start in. 

               Target  :    %windir%\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe
               Start in   :    %windir%\SysWOW64

            Then client DSN TT_IMDB_64 is created that points to TT_IMDB_64_NEW.


            5. Application is written in VB.NET.

            connection string = "User Id=vseven;Password= "vseven;OraclePwd=tcs123";Data Source=TT_IMDB_64;  Statement Cache Size=1000 ; Pooling=true;"


            TimesTen status report as of Thu Aug 22 16:36:21 2013

            Daemon pid 16715 port 53385 instance TT_IMDB_64
            TimesTen server pid 16746 started on port 53386
            Data store /mtsapp1/Vseven/oradata/TT_IMDB_64_datastore
            There are 144 connections to the data store
            Shared Memory KEY 0x5301d0ab ID 72024249
            PL/SQL Memory KEY 0x5401d0ab ID 72057018 Address 0x7fa0000000
            Type            PID     Context             Connection Name              ConnID
            Cache Agent     18486   0x0000000000fe3370  Handler                           1
            Cache Agent     18486   0x0000000001151d20  Timer                             2
            Cache Agent     18486   0x00000000011c6750  LogSpaceMon(1093335360)           4
            Cache Agent     18486   0x0000000001317340  BMReporter(1074350400)            9
            Cache Agent     18486   0x00000000016f06f0  Marker(1078290752)                3
            Cache Agent     18486   0x00002aabe019f5d0  Refresher(S,300000)               5
            Cache Agent     18486   0x00002aabe02384c0  Refresher(S,120000)               6
            Cache Agent     18486   0x00002aabe02e8350  Refresher(S,60000)                8
            Cache Agent     18486   0x00002aabe04256f0  Refresher(S,3600000)              7
            Cache Agent     18486   0x00002aabe0484da0  Refresher(S,7200000)             10
            Cache Agent     18486   0x00002aabe053e580  Refresher(S,10)                  11
            Process         10000   0x00000000133d2a50  DrvLORStoFIXRev                  93
            Replication     2311    0x00000000194b9740  REPHOLD:1083836736              536
            Replication     2311    0x000000001950e240  REPLISTENER:1086986560          535
            Replication     2311    0x0000000019582d60  TRANSMITTER(M):1090136384       533
            Replication     2311    0x0000000019624e70  RECEIVER:1096833344             532
            Subdaemon       16734   0x0000000011456ca0  Manager                         547
            Subdaemon       16734   0x00000000114ada20  Rollback                        546
            Subdaemon       16734   0x000000001177d950  Aging                           544
            Subdaemon       16734   0x0000000011792410  AsyncMV                         545
            Subdaemon       16734   0x00000000117a6ed0  Flusher                         543
            Subdaemon       16734   0x00000000117bb990  HistGC                          540
            Subdaemon       16734   0x00000000117d0450  Monitor                         542
            Subdaemon       16734   0x00002aabd80008c0  IndexGC                         539
            Subdaemon       16734   0x00002aabd8015380  Deadlock Detector               541
            Subdaemon       16734   0x00002aabd8029e40  Checkpoint                      538
            Subdaemon       16734   0x00002aabd803e900  Log Marker                      537
            Replication policy  : Always
            Replication agent is running.
            Cache Agent policy  : Manual
            TimesTen's Cache agent is running for this data store
            PL/SQL enabled.
            Accessible by group dba
            End of report

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              Okay, a few things you need to check/correct...


              1.    If this is a 32-bit application then on the Windows side it must use the TimesTen 32-bit client not 64-bit client. It isn;y clear to me what version you have installed on Windows. If you have the 64-bit version installed then that incldues a 32-bit client.


              2.    On Windows you need to configure a 32-bit client DSN that is able to connect to the 64-bit TimesTen server on Linux. When configuring this you will need to explicitly specify the TCP port used by the 64-bit server (55386) as the 32-bit client by default assumes the default port for a 32-bti server (which is different). This port is specified in the 'Servers' setup within the ODBC DSN GUI configuration tool (32-bit version).


              3.   The Client TNS entry should look like this:


              TT_IMDB_64 =

                (DESCRIPTION =

                  (CONNECT_DATA =

                    (SERVICE_NAME = TT_CLIENT_DSN)

                     (SERVER = timesten_client)



              where TT_CLIENT_DSN is the name of the 32-bit client DSN you configured in step 2. You do not need any other things in the TNS entry - if you specify them they are just ignored or may even cause problems.

              4.    When running the program be sure its environment is set to pick up the 32-bit TimesTen client libraries (DLLs) not the 64-bit ones.


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                PACHAURI ABHISHEK


                32 bit version of Oracle 11g and Times Ten is installed. Data Source in administrative tool is set for SysWOW64 folder as 32 bit files are stored in it.


                Now, In ODBC DSN GUI configuration tool


                Port explicitly set to 53386.


                Test Oracle Times Ten Server connection succeeded and Test Data Source connection is also succeeded.


                Still same error is coming "connection string timed out" when application executed.


                Where can i check that my application are refering to 32 bit timesten libraries.


                Please also suggest the connection string used for connecting times ten and oracle together.

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                  Okay, so it seems that TimesTen is now properly configured. Did you change the TNSNAMES.ORA file as I explained? What does it look like now?


                  I am not that familiar with VB.NET (and it is not something that is explicitly supported with TimesTen, you should be using ODP.NET really) but generally on Windows DLLs are loaded based on PATH. If this is also true for VB.NET then the TimesTen 32 bit 'bin' directory (which contains the 32-bit client DLLS) should be in the PATH rather than 64-bit 'bin' directory.


                  I don't understand what you mean by 'the connection string used for connecting times ten and oracle together'. An application connects wither to TimesTen or to Oracle. it needs a different connection string for each and each will be separate connections. Maybe I am mis-understanding the question; can you explain in more detail what you want to do?



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                    PACHAURI ABHISHEK



                    TT_IMDB_64 =

                      (DESCRIPTION =

                        (CONNECT_DATA =

                          (SERVICE_NAME = TT_IMDB_64)

                           (SERVER = timesten_client)




                    And application works on 32 bit machine using VB.NET.


                    In 32 bit we use,connection string = "User Id=vseven;Password= "vseven;OraclePwd=tcs123";Data Source=TT_IMDB_64;  Statement Cache Size=1000 ; Pooling=true;" and it works fine.


                    This connection string is working fine in 64 bit windows machine using VB application, but same string is not working for VB.NET in 64 bit window.


                    When I test individual connection with following strings in VB.NET, connection happen successfully :

                    1.  "User Id=vseven;Password= vseven;Data Source=TT_IMDB_64;" for timesten.

                    2. "User Id=vseven;Password= tcs123;Data Source=eibs11g;" for oracle.

                    But by using these individual strings my VB.NET application requirement does not satisfy. So a combined string is needed.


                    So, please suggest the modified connection string or any other possible solution.

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                      Based on the information you have provided and the fact that the individual connections work okay in the 64-bit environment the fact that the combined connection string does not work seems to me to be most likely something environmental.


                      If, on the 64-bit Linux machine, you set your environment forTimesTen and run this command from the shell:


                      ttisql -connStr "DSN=TT_IMDB_64;UID=vseven;PWD=vseven;OraclePWD=tcs123"


                      does it connect successfully?


                      If, on the 64-bit Windows machine, you set your environment for the 32-bit TimesTen client and run this command from a Windows command prompt (CMD.EXE):


                      ttisql -connStr "DSN=TT_IMDB_64;UID=vseven;PWD=vseven;OraclePWD=tcs123"


                      Does this connect successfully?


                      If the answer to either is no then please provide all the error messages and other symptoms so we can diagnose the issue.


                      If the answer to both is yes then the issue here is VB.NET specific; either environmental or something else. Since I do not know anything about VB.NET and it is not officially supported with TimesTen then I do not think I can help you, sorry.