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    Data Access Security is not applied on my report... Why??


      Dear All,


      I have a data filter setting issue on my new OBI projects.


      The way is applicable on OBIEE BP1 but failed on


      Let me simply to share the case and what I have done.


      Scenario: A new rpd is created for a new project. As the case, I need to add a filter to customer list so that the list of viewables depends on the login.


      The design on RPD as


      CUSTOMER (cust_no) <--> CUST_SECURITY (user_id, cust_no)

      SQL: where customer.cust_no = cust_security.cust_no and cust_security.user_id = NQ_SESSION("USER")


      Then, I add the filter on Manage --> Identity --> BI Repository --> Application Role --> (select a role) --> Permission --> Data Filter



      The report has not applied any filter.


      I checked the nqquery.log and cannot find any error msg or filter codes is in the SQL it generated.


      My RPD is copied from another project (which is running in FMW, i.e. XXXXX_BI0046.rpd), is it related?


      Alternatively, when I use another statement to do, for example, CUST_SECURITY.USER_ID='abc1', the filter is not applied...

      Do any one have idea to the case?