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    Errors in OTM


      Hi , we have a script (openscript) on Oracle EBS for functional testing. when execute from OTM we are getting some weird errors.  can any one suggest me how can we avoid this

      we are able to run the same script from openscript with out any issues.


      Failed during script playback : An unexpected exception occurred in the script.

      Script section: Unspecified.


      Failed to execute 'Forms Screen shot' on object: .
      Caused by: java.io.IOException occurred. Error Message:Can't read input file!

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          I guess you are talking about functional testing. I got kind of the same problems. First make sure that you have consistent environment (OS, Openscript Version, IE version or Firefox version). Try some simple script to run from OTM (simple login or something). If that works you should check think time. I had a problem when I run the script from OTM I had to manually change script. Think time didn't work so I use delay function.



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            Deepu Muraleedharan

            Try Proven's solution. You can also use Thread.sleep() instead of think or delay.

            Run Agent from cmd. and check whether any exceptions listed in agent log.

            Also mention -delayPercentage 1 -formsft.capture_screenshot true in command line settings of scripts in OTM



            Deepu M


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              We have already used these thread.sleep wherver think time was recorded. we have used -delayPercentage 1 also used delayMax 20 . but still we are getting same errors