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    Sync problems after database upgrade




      I don't know much about mobile servers but I have inherited one. We're running Olite and I recently upgraded the database that contains the mobile server repository to 11g.However, the Mobile Server was not stopped, even though users were supposed to not sync. After the upgrade, I'm told that no one is able to sync. I'm seeing alot of the following types of errors in the error queue:


      ORA-02291: integrity constraint (FOOD.SUPPL_FK) violated - parent key not found


      Sync session exception stack trace:

      java.io.IOException: Error writing to the pipe :: Entry is closed

      at oracle.lite.sync.ConvAtOutputStream.write(Unknown Source)

      at oracle.lite.sync.HeliosSession.sendConv(Unknown Source)

      at oracle.lite.sync.HeliosSession.sendCompress(Unknown Source)

      at oracle.lite.sync.HeliosSession.sendDML(Unknown Source)

      at oracle.lite.sync.HeliosSession.sendI(Unknown Source)

      at oracle.lite.sync.HeliosSession.sendPayload(Unknown Source)

      at oracle.lite.sync.HeliosSession.sendSubData(Unknown Source)

      at oracle.lite.sync.HeliosSession.downloadSubs(Unknown Source)

      at oracle.lite.sync.HeliosSession.startSession(Unknown Source)

      at oracle.lite.sync.resume.Client$1.run(Unknown Source)

      at oracle.lite.sync.resume.ThreadPool$PoolTask.run(Unknown Source)


      I think the broken pipes are because a complete refresh is being done.

      Is there a way to fix this without restoring the database and mobile server to a time prior to the upgrade?