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    R12 application performance tuning.




      I have the r12 apps instance which is running in oracle linux 4 update 5 32 bit.





      Normally in os level its showing load 20 to 30, so I can't access the application.

      Because of this issue the instance is very slow.


      Please help me to sove this issue.



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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
          I have the r12 apps instance which is running in oracle linux 4 update 5 32 bit.


          R12 requires at least 4 GB of RAM and with 32-bit OS you can't take advantage of utilizing more memory. If you consider migrating to 64-bit OS, then I believe you would notice improvement in performance.


          Frequently Asked Questions: Oracle E-Business Suite Support on x86-64 (Doc ID 343917.1) -- 4. What are the benefits of running Oracle E-Business Suite on x86-64?


          If this is for personal use, you may try mdtaylor suggestions in this thread -- https://forums.oracle.com/thread/493428




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            Asif Muhammad

            Hi Kumar,


            As pointed out by Hussein, you cant expect to have a better performance  with a 4GB RAM utilization by the OS. I suggest you to to migrate to 64bit OS if you have memory greater than 4GB


            Please also refer note:

            How Determine The Hardware Specification : CPU, DISK, RAM (Memory) For E-Business R12.1.x Installation? (Doc ID 789438.1)


            Just to troubleshoot with your issue, try running ADDM report to get a quick review of the current situation. Also ensure you have Gather Schema Statistic program scheduled.


            But anyhow, I dont thing you can expect a greater performance boost.


            Let us know if there are any further concerns.


            Thanks &

            Best Regards,