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    12c Client: How to Resolve Error [INS-30131] on Win7 x64 Install?


      Hi all,


      I'm getting an error message I can't figure out on the Oracle 12c client installer.


      I have 11g client installed on my machine. I took the following steps:


      • Downloaded the 12g client for x64 from Oracle's web site.
      • Extracted the zip file.
      • Right-clicked on "Setup.exe" and selected "Run as Administrator."
      • Passed the OUI monitor check and it prepped the install from a temp directory.
      • Installer opens
      • I select a custom installation type (I'm really only looking for the odp.net managed DLLs) and click next.
      • I skip software updates and click Next.
      • I see the following error message: "[INS-30131] Initial setup required for the execution of installer validations failed." Cause: "Failed to access the temporary location".


      I'm not sure what temporary location it's trying to access, but I'm a network administrator, with full admin rights on my box, running the program with elevated permissions and entering my credentials to do so.


      Any help on this would be greatly appreciated