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    Factors for increase in memory occupied by Oracle 11g database


      I wanted to know all the possible factors which can account for the increase in the memory required for an Oracle 11g database. Let’s take an example,


      1) Say if the memory allocated for an Oracle 11g instance is 8GB which is 50% of the memory of 16GB allocated to the machine on which Oracle 11g is installed.

      2) The max sessions are 300.


      With this example in mind, I had the following queries:


      1) Is the memory taken by 100 sessions or 300 sessions going to be within the limit of 8GB allocated to the Oracle?

      2) Say if the max sessions is increased to 400, would the memory taken the 100 extra sessions would be within 8GB or would that be extra?


      I hope my query is clear.


      Please revert with the reply to my query.