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    How to display APEX 4.2 Chart's region title dynamically based on an APEX item ?




      I am using APEX4.2 and created

      (1) a drop down list item called P38_DESK which contains a list of desks such as A, B, C

      (2) a Chart region with region title: Chart Mvt by &P38_DESK.

      (3) a dynamic action to "refresh" the Chart region if the value of P38_DESK is changed.


      I can see that everytime the desk is changed from the drop down list, the chart section/region gets refreshed accordingly but NOT the Chart's region title. It only showed the first value I chose. e.g. Chart Mvt by A


      So in APEX4.2, how can the CHART's region title be changed dynamically ( without submitting the entire page ) to reflect the value from the drop down list P38_DESK ?