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    How to set OLS?

    Terry Huang



      I have modify CustomerSetting.config

      <add key=" Common.ObjectLevelSecurity.Enabled" value="true"/> and reset the IIS,

      but I still cannot find Access Level Attribute in UGM or Specification.

      How can I make the OLS works?

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          Jessie C-Oracle

          Hi Terry,


          the configuration has changed to below:


          <add key="Common.ObjectLevelSecurity.NonContextualAccess.Enabled" value="true" configDescription="This configuration turns on non-contextual object level security. This allows you to restrict read access to select data. Review the Security Guide for more information." />

            <add key="Common.ObjectLevelSecurity.ContextualAccess.Enabled" value="true" configDescription="This configuration turns on contextual object level security. Contextual Object Level Security is not recommended" />



          add them to feature config node, restart IIS, then login to UGM>>Group, you will see OLS under Access Tab, where you can assign OLS access to group, then user that related to this group will generate the access privilege from the group.



          after when you create a GSM spec, the Access Level will show in the spec summary. you can assign different level based on your user case. User won't be able to have access to EA/CS, Supporting Docs, SDM and Sourcing Approvals that they don't have access to. if you need more information. please refer to

          Agile Product Lifecycle Management for Process Security Configuration Guide.pdf     



          Thanks, hope this helps.