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    PostgreSQL data service in Cluster 4.1


      Hi folks,


      So the Oracle Cluster 4.1 release notes highlight a new data service and according to the guide is available in the ha-cluster repository, unless I'm a complete noob it's not in there.


      PUBLISHER                   TYPE     STATUS P LOCATION

      solaris                     origin   online F http://pkg.oracle.com/solaris/release/

      ha-cluster                  origin   online F https://pkg.oracle.com/ha-cluster/release/

      emc.com                     origin   online F file:///repostore/EMCpower/repo/


      root@myhost:~# pkg search postgresql

      root@myhost:~# pkg list -a 'pkg://ha-cluster/*' | grep -i postgresql



      Does any idea where I can get this data service or which repository I should be using? I've checked in the Cluster IPS image ISO and I can't find it there either.


      Thanks for the time,