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    Refreshing a UI field on Button click.


      I have and input text and a search icon next to in on UI. On click on search icon I show a popup and on click of OK button on popup I set a value in pageFlowScope and tries to refresh input text. Input text value is same pageFlowScope variable so I was expecting it to show value in input text. But its not happening.


      jsff code

      <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>

      <jsp:root xmlns:jsp="http://java.sun.com/JSP/Page" version="2.1"



        <af:panelLabelAndMessage label="Label 1" id="plam1">

          <af:inputText id="it1" value="#{pageFlowScope.pSecureByAdminRole}"/>

          <f:facet name="end">

                 <af:commandImageLink id="cil1" icon="/adf/webcenter/find_ena.png" partialSubmit="true" actionListener="#{backingBeanScope.RelationshipBean.launchSearchRolePopup}" immediate="true"/>



        <af:popup id="p1" binding="#{backingBeanScope.RelationshipBean.searchRolePopup}">

          <af:dialog id="d1" type="none">

                 <f:facet name="buttonBar">

                      <af:commandButton text="Ok" id="cb1" actionListener="#{backingBeanScope.RelationshipBean.handleRoleSearchOK}" partialSubmit="true"/>





      Bean code


          public void launchSearchRolePopup(ActionEvent actionEvent) {

                      ADFUtils.showPopup(this.getSearchRolePopup(), null, null, null);



          public void handleRoleSearchOK(ActionEvent actionEvent){

                 ADFUtils.getPageFlowScope().put("pSecureByAdminRole", "TEST");




      ADFUtil Code:


          public static void showPopup(RichPopup popup,UIComponent alignComponent,RichPopup.PopupHints.AlignTypes alignType,RichPopup.PopupHints additionalHints ){

                 FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();

                 if(additionalHints == null)

                      additionalHints = new RichPopup.PopupHints();

                 String alignId = null;

                 if(alignComponent != null){

                          alignId = alignComponent.getClientId(context);

                          additionalHints.add(RichPopup.PopupHints.HintTypes.HINT_ALIGN_ID, alignId);



                  if(alignType != null){

                      additionalHints.add(RichPopup.PopupHints.HintTypes.HINT_ALIGN,  alignType);






          public static void refreshUI(UIComponent uiComponent){

                AdfFacesContext adfctx = AdfFacesContext.getCurrentInstance();




      Input text does not show new value (TEST). If I just click on browser refresh icon, it starts showing TEST. By that way it looks like refresh issue only.

      I tried setting partial trigger of input-text to refer to OK button of popup but no success.