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    Customization of My Portrait / Actions




      I try to customize the actions list in the My Portrait page. I want to add a new action linked to my own task flow.


      I first customized ActionsMenu.jspx and i saw that this file contains just few things. After that I customized PortraitActionsMenu.xml and added my own itemNode.


      <itemNode focusViewId="/MyPortrait" id="inManageLoycoAbsences" action="openMainTask" label="Manage Loyco Absences " taskType="defaultMain" taskFlowId="/WEB-INF/loyco/dev/absences-task-flow-definition.xml#absences-task-flow-definition" parametersList="pPersonId=#{pageFlowScope.fndPageParams['pPersonId']};"/>


      I deployed this file in my sandbox but this item is not displayed. Is this the good manner to add an item to this actions menu? (last week i have successfully added a new task item to a list but it's not the same thing here)


      Any suggestions for that customization?


      There is the following note at the top of PortraitActionsMenu.xml :



           1) Changes in this file will not be reflected in Gallery. Actions must be added to the menu file in Gallery project.

           2) The deployed application uses the Superweb menu file. Copy this file over to the Superweb project.

           3) The associated resource bundle need not be copied over to Superweb.



      Do you think I have to copy ma customized file into the production? ([...]/hcm/deploy/EarHcmCore.ear/EarHcmCore.war/WEB-INF/oracle/apps/hcm/people/portrait/ui/menu/PortraitActionsMenu.xml)