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    R12 Security Profile: Unable to create items under different Inventory Org




      I am working on Org based security for Service Area in EBS R12.1.3 and R12.2 adapters.

      I have created a security profile and in that security profile I have listed the operating units which I would using to associate for service requests and service contracts.


      In the security profile I have also listed Inventory Organizations which I would be using to create items.


      I was successfully able to create service requests and service contracts under multiple Operating Units.


      But I am unable to create items under different Inventory Org.

      whenever I open Inventory, Vision Operations(USA) -> Items -> Master Items

      I always see the Organizations field greyed out(non-editable) and always show up Vision Operations which cannot be changed.

      I would like to create few items under different inventory Org, please help me to create items under diff inventory org.


      I even tried changing the organization by clicking Inventory, Vision Operations(USA) -> Change Organization . but still the Organization field in Master Item html form is showing up Vision Operations and is  non-editable.


      Any assistance in this regard would be very helpful.