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    Create/Edit functionality using popup

    Sushant Sharma



      I am facing below issue on one ADF Page:


      I have ADF read only table. Below the table, there are 3 buttons (Edit current row, Create New & Commit).
      Both Edit/Create button opens a popup window showing ADF form for the selected row in case of edit and new blank row while creating new. From there I can make changes and then use save or cancel button to return to the main page. The table refreshes automatically with new changes if I press save button on popup. If I press cancel button, there is no change in the table of main page. The edit functionality is working fine.


      However, in case of create, the table shows newly created row even if I click cancel button on the popup window. The table should show the new row only if I select save button on popup window.


      I am using 2 BTFs for this. (Shared data control)
      1st BTF :
      MainPG  (edit)-->  EditBTF
      MainPG  (create) -->  createInsert() --> EditBTF


      2nd BTF :
      EditPG   (save)--> return
      EditPG   (cancel)--> return (Restore save point = TRUE)