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    Documaker DBAllocateStructMemory error


      Hi guys,


      I'm having a weird error when trying to process by single-step mode.


      Transaction Error Report - System timestamp: thu aug 22 14:57:41 2013
       DocuCorp International IDSRUNRP
       FormMaker Data Generation (Base)
       Branch:   DC
       Company:   INSUR
       Lob:   PDC
       PolicyNum:   1484
       RunDate:   20130821
       State:      MI
       Symbol:   LOB
       TransactionCd: AT
       TransactionType: AT
      DM10075:  Error in RULArchive(): Unable to DBAllocateStructMemory().
      DM12149:  Error in RPDoBaseFormsetRulesReverse(): Unable to execute base rule <Archive>().
      DM12068:  Error in RPProcessOneTransaction(): Unable to RPDoBaseFormsetRulesReverse(pRPS, RP_POST_PROC_A).
      DM12065:  Error in RPProcessTransactions(): Unable to RPProcessOneTransaction(pRPS). Processing will continue. See INI group:<GenDataStopOn> option:TransactionErrors.
      ==> Warning  count:    0
      ==> Error    count:    4
      End of Transaction Error Report - System timestamp: thu aug 22 14:57:42 2013
      Elapsed Time: 1 seconds


      Environment: Documaker 12.1


      I've been searching lot and couldn't find any reference to this error o even to those error code numbers, so I am a little dizzy right now.


      Any help would be highly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!,


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          Hi Max,


          The only error I was able to trace through is DM12149. Remaining all of them are looking to me as a cascaded issues. Could you please try the below resolution from the Error manual:


          From Error manual: If executing Batch single-step mode processing, check to see if the rule BatchingByRecipINI or BatchByPageCount exists in the AFGJOB.JDT.

          I'm sorry that I may not be correct with this suggestion but thought of just giving a try to help with this problem.



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            Mr Peabody-Oracle

            This is your key error: DM10075:  Error in RULArchive(): Unable to DBAllocateStructMemory().

            This tells me you are attempting to use the Archive rule, but for some reason the system can't allocate the required record structure. The most likely cause in this case is that you have not included the necessary InitArchive rule in the Base level rules (those about the transaction rules) in the AFGJOB.

            The InitArchive rule will load the necessary DFD that defines the archive database structure. If there had been an error in locating or loading the DFD, there would have been other errors before this one, so that is why I'm guessing you are missing the InitArchive rule.