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    unable to update a package


      I am trying to update a package for example archiver/gnu-tar based on dry run I got after running pkg update -nv , but its giving me error.


      When I executed 'pkg update -nv' , I got this for package archiver/gnu-tar  :



          1.23,5.11- -> 1.26,5.11-


      That means version on my system is 1.23,5.11- and latest available is 1.26,5.11- .


      So, I ran below command to install this :

      pkg update archiver/gnu-tar@1.26,5.11-


      I got below message for this command :


      pkg update: No matching version of archiver/gnu-tar can be installed:

        Reject:  pkg://solaris/archiver/gnu-tar@1.26,5.11-

        Reason:  This version is excluded by installed incorporation pkg://solaris/consolidation/sfw/sfw-incorporation@0.5.11,5.11-



      Does anybody know what does it mean?  If version 1.26,5.11- is excluded , why does it appear in dry run of 'pkg update'.