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    Oracle Discoverer 4i (portal db - oracle 8i) connectivity issue with 11g database


      Hi All


      We have oracle discoverer 4i with portal db (oracle 8i).

      We connect to the external databases using db links in the portal db and the reports will use the db link to retrieve the data from views in the external databases.

      External databases we were connecting is oracle 10g version and now we have upgraded these databases to 11g version.


      Now i have a created a new db link to this 11g database and i have created a new EUL in portal to connect to this 11g database.

      But when i try to create a report using the discoverer from this new EUL after login to the discoverer we get a "cannot connect to database" error.

      We have all the necesscary privilege to the user and the new database link works perfectly fine. (when we try to query directly using SQL plus from portal database using this db link the query works perfectly fine).

      Im not sure if this is a compatibility issue in connecting from oracle disc 4i to a 11g database.

      Can any one advise if this is the case and if there is any workaround for this?