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    Managing Concurrent Program Output files - r12.1.3




      This is on r12.1.3


      I need to accomplish following.



      1. Let's say there is an Oracle Report Concurrent program that generates an Microsoft Excel output.
      2. When concurrent program completes normally, the output file goes to the configured path under $APPLCSF/out
      3. The EBS instance is on linux machine.
      4. I need to move that file to a different folder on the same machine.
      5. Then that final folder will be part of URL looking something like this  /home/final_folder/report.xls
      6. Users can access this URL and report using their ipads and tablets wherever they are.


      Now the question is:  without writing a shell script to move the file, is there any way I can directly ask Oracle concurrent processing to dump the file straight on /home/final_folder path (from above example)?


      Please advise.