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    How to Apply fault policy at partner link level in SOA 11g


      Hi All,


      We have implemented fault policy in SOA 11g at process level for the entire composite and it is working fine. In case of a remote fault for any invoke it retries 3 times and then if the error still exist then it will go to manual recovery. As this is applied at process level all invokes within that composite will go to fault policy in case of remote fault.


      But we have a scenario where we want to retry only for a particular parterlink in BPEL and not the other invokes/parterlink inside the composite.We have tried a few ways to achieve it but none of them are working . Can someone please help us in resolving this issue... Any help in resolving this is really appreciated.


      Things we tried :


      1. In the composite.xml we tried to put the fault policy property inside the reference tag for which we want to retry

         <property name="oracle.composite.faultPolicyFile">oramds:/apps/test/faultpolicies/fault-policies.xml</property>

         <property name="oracle.composite.faultBindingFile">oramds:/apps/test/faultpolicies/fault-bindings.xml</property>


      2. We also tried to put this property inside the binding.ws tag of the same reference. But none of these options worked.


      Is there some way like we use to do in SOA 10g by mentioning the parterlink name ?? We cannot put this property at process level as then it becomes applicable for all invokes in that composite.