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    Undeployed plugin leaves remnants in repository db?


      Hi all,


      We have an issue with a plug-in, which when deployed fails to insert the retrieved configuration metrics data into their corresponding MGMT_EMX_ metadata repository tables.

      The oracle error in the OMS logfile (emoms_pbs.log) is:

          insertRow[1400]: ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("SYSMAN"."MGMT_EMX_VNX_VNXSTGGRPS"."ECM_SNAPSHOT_ID")


      After some digging, the only thing I can find is that when the plug-in is undeployed, I can still find what looks like a "remnant" of this plugin in 2 metadata tables: mgmt_coll_items and mgmt_coll_item_metrics. These 2 tables still contain rows for the target_type of the plugin that was undeployed.



      Other plug-ins that we have deployed and undeployed don't show remnants. Only this one plug-in does and displays the oracle error.



      1. Are these 2 things (oracle error and remnants in mgmt_coll_items table) indeed related?
      2. How can we get rid of the remnants?


      Any feedback appreciated.


      Many thanks,