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    problems navigating through old posts

    Barbara Boehmer

      I am having problems navigating through old posts.  The slower the forums get, the longer it takes me to read them, and the further behind I get in reading them.  Eventually, when trying to read posts that are a couple of months old in the SQL and PL/SQL forum, when trying to navigate from one post to the other, I frequently get an error message.  This happens whether I try to use my browser's back arrow to the previous page or click on a page number on the forum page, or change the start number in the url.  However, sometimes I actually get back to the page and can select the next post.  It is not consistent.  Sometimes I can click on the same thing four times in a row and the first three times I get the error, but the fourth time I get a page of posts.  So, the error message is not actually saying what is really going on.  The following is the error message that I keep getting:


      "You have reached the maximum amount of pages in this set of content results. If you are looking for something specific, try applying a content type filter or entering a search term."