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    run a report on Oracle report server from pl/sql procedure


      Hello everyone,

        I'm refactoring a very old reports generating funtion in an oracle web application( using mod_pl/sql), have some questions about 'Oracle Reports'.

        The function I'm working on now works like this: customer chooses a time period, press 'Generate' on the page, invokes a  Javascript function get some data( as reports parameter) from the database, construct a URL, send requests to the Reports server to run reports. What i want to do is removing the javascript codes( it's really complex, hard to read and maintain), get data and  run the reports within pl/sql procedure (called through mod_pl/sql). I tried to use utl_http.begin_request to run the reports, but sometimes when the report is large (PDF formats, about 20 pages, 1.5M), i received a error: "Failed to get response: ORA-29259: end-of-input reached",the test code is quite simple as below:

          req := Utl_Http.begin_request(rpt_url, 'POST');



      anyone can tell me what does this error mean? how to solve it ?

      btw, is there any other way to run a report in pl/sql? I found there's a package swr.*, but i'm not sure if i can use in pl/sql procedure??

      Hope someone could help me....Thanks!