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    Endeca Spelling aspell_AND_espell mode



         I want to implement aspell_AND_espell mode.


      1.   I have added below dgidx flag.






      2.   Modified default aspell to false.



      3.   Even I tried to add a separate config file wine.spell_config.xml in pipeline folder, but didn’t worked.


      4.   Getting below error.


      ERROR 08/23/13 09:22:04.934 UTC (1377249724934)       DGRAPH          {dgraph,baseline}          OptiSpell, error creating pspell manager, "The file "C:\Endeca\wine\data\dgraphs\Dgraph1\dgraph_input/wine-aspell.spelldat" can not be opened for reading."          

      FATAL  08/23/13 09:22:04.934 UTC (1377249724934)       DGRAPH          {dgraph,baseline}          Errors initializing aspell module.  This error is most likely due to an incorrect configuration of aspell. Please correct any previous errors and restart the dgraph.

      Stemming should be enabled for 1 languages


      Any idea why it is not working?


      Pls help.