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    Huge time taken for insertion



      We have a framework where we can insert statements in bulk(where-in we create a set of statements and insert in bulk).

      There is a scenario where we need to insert a product in some product_table, before to which we have some Select and Insert statements.

      The problem is, that the first set of Insert statements are 5000 in number, second set of Insert statements are 45000 in number.


      This is taking a huge amount of time. The first set (5000) takes somewhere around 5-7 mins whereas the second set takes more than 7 hours.

      Could someone help in this context, as why its taking so long. Is the reason is indexes on both the tables, or is some other problem is also there.



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          Indexes seems a most unlikely reason for this. I have some suspicions but I need more details...


          1.    Exact TimesTen version (output of ttVersion command).


          2.    All DSN attributes (from sys.odbc.ini file) for the database in question.


          3.    Output of 'ttAdmin -query DSN' for the DSN in question.


          4.    Please describe in fine detail how your INSERT program is working (down to the individual SQL statement and API call) and particularly when it connects to, and disconnects from the database.