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    NullPoint Error shows up in The Java EE 7 Tutorial


      I am reading The Java EE 7 Tutorial from http://docs.oracle.com/javaee/7/tutorial/doc/jsf-facelets005.htm#GIQZR


      After I typed the example code in the chapter 8.5 Composite Components in my IDE and run the example on GlassFish4.0, I got an error.

        at java
        at com
        at com
        at com
        at javax

      Then I check the older version of this tutorial, I found a difference in email.xhtml code. The namespace has been changed from Java EE 7. After I changed the namespace back to JavaEE 6 version, it works.

      Java EE 7


      Java EE 6


      Someone on the StackOverflow told me that this may caused by Glassfish has attempted to download a schema corresponding to one of those namespaces, and received a response that it can't handle. I don't know whether is the real root cause. Is there anyone has the same problem?