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    11gR2 DBUA complains when upgrade non-RAC DB on server having other RAC DBs



      I ran into an issue using DBUA yesterday and would like to know how to resolve or work around this.

      I am on RH5 64bit having a 2 node RAC cluster with infrastructure.  On node 1 of the cluster I have a NON-RAC database named DB1.  Note, this DB has never been RAC either.  There are no other DBs running against this home.

      When I try to run DBUA from node1 using a new separate home (having no databases yet) against database DB1, it gives the following error message"

      The following requirement checks failed:

      The user "ora{sid}" does not have user equivalence setup on nodes "[node1, node2]".  Please setup user equivalence before proceeding.

      PRKC-1044 : Failed to check remote command execution setup for node [node1] using shells /usr/bin/ssh and /usr/bin/rsh.

      [node1]: Connection refused

      You must fulfill these requirements before continuing with the upgrade.  Do you wish to continue?  Yes or No (buttons)


      Since I am not upgrading a RAC database or using an Oracle Home in use by any RAC instances, I believe this is a bug in DBUA.

      Has anyone run into this?  How do you get around this?


      I do have a SR open.  The database serves an 11i EBS environment and I am following docid 881505.1.  I have asked support if doing manual DB upgrade (without DBUA) is  a workaround.  I'm waiting for their response.

      Thanks, Dean