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    How do I do a partial refresh of a section of a page after I af:fileDownloadActionListener completes ?


      Hi Folks,

      I have a use case where I'll have to download some content to the local file system on click of a button.  I've used af:fileDownloadActionListener to accomplish the content download to a file.   Once I complete the download  and my handler completes running,  I want to do a partial refresh of a different section of the page.  I attempted doing a partial refresh  at the end of my fileDownloadActionListener handler method as follows, however it doesn't work.


      Code Snippet:-


      ComponentUI comp =FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getViewRoot().findComponentId("emT:selectone");



      Can some one explain why the above approach doesn't work?  Also, I'd like to know how the above use case can be achieved?


      Javascript way fails as well:



      I wrote a javascript as follows in the .jspx

      function queueValueChangeEvent()


                      var comp = AdfPage.PAGE.findComponent("emT:request_xml_choice_toggle");

                      AdfChangeEvent.queue(comp, "XML View", "Tree View", true);




      and I tried invoking the javascript from the fileDownloadActionListener method as follows:-



                                                 ExtendedRenderKitService.class).addScript((FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(), "queueValueChangeEvent()" );


      The above approach fails as well. Please help me to address the said use case..






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