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    Apache-Weblogic Bridge



      I already have a set-up in my production environment and just trying to understand how exactly this works? Please help me understand ,


      Set-up :


      We have 2 diff kinda set-up. ie, the url https://ddd.myserver.net:111/ABC and https://ddd.myserver.net:222/ . Apache server (ddd.myserver.net)is configured with Listen port 111 to service application ABC and the same server is configured with Listen port 222 to serve application XYZ.

      i.e,  https://ddd.myserver.net:111/ABC - Is mapped to the application ABC thats deployed on Weblogic Server.

      and https://ddd.myserver.net:222/ - Is mapped to the application XYZ thats deployed on the same Weblogic Server.


      Now my question is, the former link (https://ddd.myserver.net:111/ABC) works fine only if the context root(ABC) is appended to the url. IF i try as https://ddd.myserver.net:111/ then the apache_wl.log mentions that there s no page found.

      ie., URL::parseHeaders: CompleteStatusLine set to [HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found]

           URL::parseHeaders: StatusLine set to [404 Not Found]


      But then the second one (https://ddd.myserver.net:222/) just works fine without even mentioning the context root in the url.


      Now All I need to know is, how and where is this config likely to be set? Where in the link works without even mentioning the context root?