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    Grid Control JDE 9.1 - getCellValue




      Have a problem with new Openscript 12.3. . In 12.2. I got cell value with storing attribute or making new variable and after that I could call that value from variables. In 12.3. is different. I have to use grid control for JDE. There is a function to get cell value (.getCellValue) that I included in my script and everything works ok. The problem that I have is how to print out this value in a results page or somewhere, like variable so I can use in report (information) or to compare with other data.


      Code that I included in my script:




        "/web:window[@index='0' or @title='Something']/web:document[@index='10' or @name='e1menuAppIframe']/web:EOneGrid[@gridId='0_1' or @gridName='Something']")

        .getCellValue(0, 0); "



      Thanks a lot,