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    Excluding Multiple Tables




      I need a little help understanding the param file for Replicat.  Before going into detail, I need to state that I only have access to the Replicat side of the GoldenGate equation.  A vendor maintains the Extract side.  My understanding from our Oracle consultant is that this is a rather unusual setup, and I thought I'd mention that.


      I need to add a Replicat to deal with a specific set of tables.  All of our tables have 1 of 3 prefixes:  DD, HH, T.


      I need to create a new Replicat to handle ONLY the DD items, and I need to have the existing Replicat exclude the DD items.


      My existing Replicat param file looks like this, with regards to MAP and MAPEXCLUDE:



      --MAP Statements--



      --Exclude tables as necessary, using following format:

      -- MAPEXCLUDE schema.table_name



      I'd like to add another MAPEXCLUDE to exclude U_OWNER.DD*.  Do I just add another MAPEXCLUDE?  (So, can I have more than 1 MAPEXCLUDE statement in my param file?)


      If I can do that, I think the rest of what I do is obvious (in one file, exclude DD, in the other exclude HH and T).


      Thank you!


      Chad S.