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    JVM Sizing


      Dear Legends,


      Can any one help me on sizing the JVM of my weblogic server.


      OS - Enterprise Linux 6 64bit

      Weblogic - 10.3.6

      Total RAM - 24GB

      Swap - 16GB

      JVM - Sun

      1 Admin Server

      2 Managed Server


      Will it be good to have the sizing as follows to avoid Out of Memory issues.

      Admin Server - from 1 to 6 GB

      Managed Server 1 - from 3.7GB to 6GB

      Managed Server 2 - from 3.7GB to 6GB




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          Hi Kartik,


          I believe the maximum allowed memory is 4GB,we have set 4GB for both Admin and Managed server. Suggest to check the performance by gradually increasing the memory size.

          Please consider the following

          1. Any other applications residing on the same hardware resources, if yes, what's the required memory for their smooth operation.

          2. Please take a note of the current performance bottlenecks.

          3. Check other causes for this performance issues.

          4. How many applications are deployed and going to be deployed on this instance of weblogic server.


          Good Luck!