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    Can't fill in the sdo_tin

      Hello everyone,
      I'd like to using the oracle spatial 11g to store tin,but there has something wrong.can you help me?
      this this my sql:

      ----create base table and block table
      Create Table Tin_Tab(Tin Sdo_Tin);
      Create Table Tin_Blktab As Select * From Mdsys.Sdo_Tin_Blk_Table;

      ----create external table to store data
      Create Or Replace Directory Out_Tin As 'e:\test';
      Create Table Input_Tin(Rid Varchar2(40),Val_D1 Number,Val_D2 Number,Val_D3 Number)
      Organization External(Type Oracle_Loader Default Directory Out_Tin
      Access Parameters
      Records Delimited By Newline
      Badfile 'bb'
      Logfile 'log.tex'
      Fields Terminated By ','
      Missing Field Values Are Null
      (Rid ,Val_D1 ,Val_D2 ,Val_D3 )
      Reject Limit Unlimited;

      ----create result table
      Create Table Restab(Ptn_Id Number,Point_Id Number,Rid Varchar2(40),Val_D1 Number,Val_D2 Number,Val_D3 Number);

      ----Fill the tin with data
      newtin Sdo_Tin;
      Newtin := Sdo_Tin_Pkg.Init (
      SDO_GEOMETRY(2003,8307,Null,mdsys.Sdo_Elem_Info_Array(1,1003,3),mdsys.Sdo_Ordinate_Array(-180, -90, 180, 90)),0.0000005,3,Null);
      Insert Into Tin_Tab(Tin) Values (newtin);

      Here is the error information:
      ORA-13249: Error creating dml trigger
      ORA-06512: 在 "MDSYS.SDO_TIN_PKG", line 78
      ORA-06512: 在 line 4
      13249. 00000 - "%s"
      *Cause:    An internal error was encountered in the extensible spatial index
      component. The text of the message is obtained from some
      other server component.
      *Action:   Contact Oracle Support Services with the exact error text.