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        LT.ora wrote:


        Can the external links / thread links be opened in new tab


        Hold down the CTRL key when you click on a link. 

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          yep I know that & I know about right click too

          but is that possible ?


          small but useful thing if possible please do...

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            BluShadow wrote:


            BAO.SZ wrote:


            Another question: How can I communicate some one here personally.  For example, I want to send an email to Timo or Frank, but I cannot found email address on their Bio pages.




            People can choose whether they want their email adddress making public or not.  If you can't see their email address they've chosen to keep it private.

            In general, people don't want their email addresses made public, because they don't want to be contacted directly by people seeking help, when the forum is the place to be asking for help instead.  Timo, Frank and other experts on the forum have their own jobs to do and don't want pestering by people seeking free help from them.  They offer their time and expertise directly on the forums.


            My email address was available for public in the profile view of the previous software. In the current forum software I cannot choose to make it public anymore; the option is set to "yourself" and I cannot alter it. I have no problem with this being the default setting, but I would not mind to be able to choose. I'm tired of the patronizing by product and software developers!


            I have no problem with people contacting me directly. I have received a few personal help requests in the past and have no problem to ignore such requests or ask the sender to discuss their issue in the forum where it belongs. I find that a much better solution than having to deal with the new facebook like "friends" business, which I do not want and reject categorically.

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              I agree, I've been getting numerous (and I means quite a lot daily) requests from people who want to be my "friend".  The only ones I've accepted are the regular experts I know here, but many of the requests are from newbies who I've never even come across... it's almost like getting spam. 

              And the number of times I've had people saying "can you tell me your email so I can contact you directly" is ridiculous.  People just see you're an expert in your area and think they can bypass the forums and you'll just give them all your attention, as if you don't have your own job to do.  I'm glad my email address is not public (aside from the fact my company doesn't permit me to publicize it).

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                I'm glad my email address is not public (aside from the fact my company doesn't permit me to publicize it).

                Although your emailaddress has (at least) been exposed once, on the old forums, back in those days that handles/usernames all of a sudden could turn into actual emailaddresses

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                  Indeed it did, and I'm grateful to those who respect the privacy and haven't abused that, though certainly in that short time, one line of spam bots managed to get hold of it, and have been blocked by my company.


                  Oracle did get a very strongly worded contact from myself in respect of their breach of privacy policy, for which they did work hard to rectify the issue and ensure that at worst it would only show the internal user id rather than email address.  After all, they risked losing their TRUSTe certification.

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                    I have more than just one email account and the one in my OTN user profile is just one of them. I certainly do not wish to advertise my email address, but I do not mind to have it visible to people who bother to look it up in my user profile.


                    Like I said, I'm ok with the current default to hide the email address, but I prefer to choose and deal with it myself. I'm aware of the "risks".


                    It's a bit off topic and may not necessarily apply to OTN, but regarding "friends" like seen on Facebook, I think most people underestimate the complexity and vast interest there is by businesses to manipulate people's opinion and interests; probably assuming any government or corporation would protect them.


                    Apparently many people do not realize that the treasure is not necessarily people's own information, but the information they received from others in the spirit of friendship, which was not meant for the public, such as private phone numbers, addresses, personal interests and opinions. Some may say there is no privacy or there was no need for it, but such statements are lack of social competence. Privacy is essential for political freedom and liberty.

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                      Can we branch and combine posts from different threads into a new one in OTN?


                      For example, if I find some replies in one thread is better grouped into another thread, how can I do it?



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                        You can't.

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                          Dude wrote:

                          Privacy is essential for political freedom and liberty.


                          Agree wholeheartedly.


                          Only problem is telling that to the NSA. The US government. And the US politicians who already convicted Snowden as a traitor. As for the general US public - they have already gave away freedom and liberty with the Patriot Act. So why should they care...

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                            Will ORACLE make this enhancement to OTN? or

                            Is the OTN architecture flexsible enough to customize features easily?


                            For example, in Jdeveloper/ADF sub-space of this forum,

                            When TIMO give(answers) helps to users, he had to say again and agian: "User, what is your version of Jdeveloper?"

                            I mean, can the forum add a small feature like this:

                            When a user select Jdev/ADF sub-space to post a new question, the user will have to select a product name and version. This is mandate.


                            If this small feature has been added, the benefits includes:

                            1. Mr. Timo will feel more ease to give help to users.

                            He needn't have to say again and again "User, what is your version of Jdeveloper?"

                            2. Mr. ShayShmeltzer will need not to post a Poll but can get much more feedbacks.

                            He post a poll on : Which JDeveloper Version Are You Currently Using?

                            3. Audiences can feel better for OTN, and ORACLE.

                            They will say: Oracle think for us diligently and they have a really good,flexible product.




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                              BAO.SZ wrote:


                              Will ORACLE make this enhancement to OTN? or

                              Is the OTN architecture flexsible enough to customize features easily?


                              I hope not, because every user could render the forums useless by ripping apart discussions.


                              You don't have to repost answers all the time, you can link to relevant threads containing the answers. Timo and Shay don't seem to be missing the feature.

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                                I would rather not put my hand into the fire for any government or politician these days, so to speak. There have been too many reported incidents of low motives in history. Politicians and political parties under a democratic system require votes, which may often result in conflict of interests and loss of interests.


                                The USA have lost the information war. What the USA should probably fix is its reputation to use democracy and human rights to gain political power and influence for rather economic reasons. It seems almost all recent military conflicts somehow boil down to strong interests in oil and keeping the demand up for the printed US dollar. The USA also sets a bad example to follow UN resolutions and have used atomic and biochemical weapons to their advantage in past wars.


                                I don't see an issue of information privacy, liberty and freedom, regarding the NSA or other secret organizations, unless information is being abused, censored or sold for profit. Knowing that the NSA may read anything I do does not bother me. Whether the information of Snowden will really make any difference, I doubt it. Appropriate laws exist already. I think Snowden should have known better. Certain news papers and people certainly profit from the information publicity, in particular those who are against USA politics.


                                Anyway, I would be more worried about Internet services and information providers, which seem to filter information based on profile, history or business interests. It can manipulate people's interests and opinions. The new OTN forum software certainly keeps me busy with notifications or to get involved or to continue to participate in discussions that I would otherwise miss or leave alone. I'm not sure this is a real advantage.

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                                  Think there is a bigger issue at stake here. The Internet transcends all political systems, geographical boundaries, cultures, nations and religions. And this scares fundamentalist and conservative societies in the east, as it scares so-called democratic western governments and societies.


                                  And yes, I do care that the NSA is going to read and process this posting some short time after I hit the comment button. As not only is this wrong (morally and legally). It is also NOT how one wins wars against fundamentalists and terrorism.


                                  Petraeus COIN field manual is not new. Those lessons have been learned numerous times in the past (and personally by me in the 80's serving in the infantry). And forgotten by the US military in dealing with insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.


                                  Very similar lessons have been learned in dealing with terrorism in the past. And seemingly also forgotten by the US and many others. The Patriot Act and NSA's PRISM are not how one wins the war against terror.  Worse, intercepting and spying on Internet communication by the the general public, are counter productive.


                                  But then if they do not understand logic, maybe they will understand economics. With PRISM, do the US honestly think that international companies want to make use of US-based clouds? When their private business data risked being exposed to US government agencies by secret court orders or by "accidents"?


                                  And what guarantees do you and I have that there are no backdoors in Oracle 12c on the insistence of the NSA?

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                                    Its an interesting and entertaining read, but please be aware that discussions about politics and religion are usually met with thread closure/nukage in most forums. It would be a shame that this thread ends up either way.

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