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    Need Help on Below two issues


      Configuration Scenario: we have configured production clustered weblogic 11g server on Linux, containing Admin server and one osb server is on one node and other osb sever is on second node.


      Issue 1 : we are getting below warning message 6 times a second.


      Closing socket as no data read from it on XX.XX.XX.XX:XX during the configured idle timeout of 25 sec.

      This message is degrading our server performance.


      Issue 2: we are getting below critical exception message on only one osb server which is on second node, after which the server get HANG and  does not listen for the requests.


      java.net.SocketException: Too many open files


      The open file descriptor i.e.  ulimit value for both nodes is 8192, but still it gives the same exception