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    how to apply Variable Marker to the clusterEnabled Layer


      does anyone have any sample code to to apply a VariableMarker style to a clustered enabled layer (HTML5 Maps API). I want the diameter of a circle or image to reflect the count/number of underlying markers - I am assuming one would set the clusterStyle property below to a VariableMarker but I dont know the name of the Marker property (eg count) when its clustered - does anybody know?


        var  circleMarker = new OM.style.Marker({
            width: 24,
            height: 24,
            vectorDef : [{ shape: { type:"circle", cx:0, cy:0, width:10, height:10},
                                style: {fill:"#00cc00", stroke:"#006600", fillOpacity:0.85}
        // Use a predefined style (m.green_circle datasource azdhs)  to display grouped FOI
        // would like to set a Variable Marker rather than static circleMarker
        OM.style.StyleStore.getServerSideStyle("azdhs","M.CIRCLE.GREEN", {"callback": function(style){
                     layer2.enableClustering(true,{clusterStyle:circleMarker, minPointCount:10, maxClusteringLevel:8, threshold:45});