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    EQT Extensibility


      I was hoping to create a search page that could search all spec types.  Is there extensibility on the EQT search control that would enable this or other extensibility that I should look into?

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          Ron M-Oracle

          I do not believe that we have any EQT that let you search across different spec types. However, there is a web service that does it: Available in the Extensibility Pack's Web Services, the  GetSpecNumbersForCriteria web service allows you to search across different spec types using a few criteria, which you could use and then combine it with the GetSpecSummary web service to display the spec summary information.

          The criteria you can use for searching are: CreatedDates, ModifiedDates, Originators, Spec Statuses, Spec Name, Short Name, Spec Types, and Cross Reference.

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            Thanks Ron