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    Jdeveloper+ADF vs. Eclipse+ADF ?


      Hi, Frank,

      Thank you for your kind suggestion.


      Our developer teams use Eclipse IDE, and many plug-ins, such as jQuery, Ext etc, but they never used Jdeveloper, and they have a strong reject attitude to Jdeveloper—It’s clumsy, strange,no one use them—they will tell me and show me how slow Jdeveloper is when compared with Eclipse on running.


      What’s important to us is the comprehensive productivity. So it sounds Eclipse+ADF is also a possible choice especially when programmers are more prefer Eclipse than Jdeveloper.

      In my opinion, business model (features like ADF Business Components), control model (bindings) and View model (drag and drop UI components) work together seamless is the key advantage of Jdeveloper+ADF. Even though our guys had used many plug-ins in Eclipse already, they can not have “all in one” with Eclipse.

      I wonder, if “caveat, ADF Business Components is not available in OEPE”, can full productivity and end-to-end advantage of Jdev+ADF still be exploited?


      In short, what is the better choice for us: Jdev+ADF or Eclipse+ADF ?

      I can encourage (formal training), entice or even intimidate our guys to use Jdev+ADF if it really can bring significant productivity.





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          Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle

          If your developers are already familiar with Eclipse and working with JPA/EJB then they may indeed find that using OEPE for ADF development is a good solution. This is exactly the audience that OEPE is build for.

          They will still be able to use ADF Faces, ADF Controller and ADF Binding and increase their productivity simplifying building the UI layer and connecting it to the business services.

          This will also allow them to keep their existing coding environment knowledge and save them some of the learning curve.

          How about conducting a simple experience - get one of them to try and build a simple system with OEPE and get another one to try and build with JDev and see what they report as the easier approach.

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            If you want to try out the ADF support in OEPE, a good place to start is the tutorial,  Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse ADF Tutorial .

            Though the above tutorial was written for an earlier release of OEPE with support for ADF 11g, the general flow is still applicable to the latest release of OEPE, with support for ADF 12c. If you have OEPE specific questions, please post in the OEPE forum, Enterprise Pack for Eclipse