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    Reverse engg data store using ODI SDK


      how to I reverse engineer a data store and not a model using ODI SDK


      Is there any class for reverse engg? Or should I use KM's?

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          have you already read this?


          The specified item was not found.


          however i'm not able to find the javadoc of class..

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            Yes i have tried that...it doesnt reverse engineer the data store...instead it shows an error saying "SnpModel" does not exist...i have even commented on that post so that the OP can share the complete code


            Have you tried reverse engg a data store (and not model) using ODI SDK

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              SnpModel does not exist error occurs when you provide wrong model id

              you will get model id by using below code


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                @978889: yes that's right..ur point was helpful but still my main task of reverse engg data store is not working!

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                  as you mention in thread The specified item was not found.

                  you want reverse engineer data store for file technology and format is FIXED


                  What reverse engineer do... it automatically creates column with data Type and length for u; same u can do by creating columns thru code;

                  I did same, as I don't found API for reverse engg data store when file format is fixed

                  my code snippet is

                  OdiColumn odiColumn = new OdiColumn(DataStore, colName);




                  This code is working for me


                  Deepali Patil

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                    @Deepali : when u reverse engg ur delimited file, were you able to see the data ..for eg when u create interface or something.....setting all the parameters for reverse engg including column name, format etc is ok but you should mainly see the data when u use the datastore in an interface...


                    so did u try that? did u use the data store  in the interface using studio?


                    Thanks for your quick reply


                    Also can u specify what does your filedescriptor contain?


                    My text file is like this


                    Id  Name

                    1  abc

                    2  def


                    but on reverse engg i cant see any data in the data store


                    Also, how to specify physical length and not logical length while reverse engg?

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                      When I reverse engg my delimited or fixed file, I am able to see the data of datastore; I used same datastore in interface


                      Yes , I used the data store in interface using code(sdk)


                      I am not doing anything manually in studio; everything is done through java code (using sdk)...but I have checked data of datastore by right clicking on it, its giving proper data


                      filedescriptor contains start position and num of bytes


                      your text file is looks like FIXED format,

                      my Delimited format text file:







                      and FIXED format text file:

                      10    Georges                                      Hamilton                                     15/01/2001 00:00:00
                      11    Andrew                                       Andersen                                     22/02/1999 00:00:00
                      12    John                                         Galagers                                     20/04/2000 00:00:00
                      13    Jeffrey                                      Jeferson                                     10/06/1988 00:00:00
                      20    Jennie                                       Daumesnil                                    28/02/1988 00:00:00
                      21    Steve                                        Barrot                                       24/09/1992 00:00:00
                      22    Mary                                         Carlin                                       14/03/1995 00:00:00
                      30    Paul                                         Moore                                        11/03/1999 00:00:00
                      31    Paul                                         Edwood                                       18/03/2003 00:00:00
                      32    Megan                                        Keegan                                       29/05/2001 00:00:00
                      40    Rodolph                                      Bauman                                       29/05/2000 00:00:00
                      41    Stanley                                      Fischer                                      12/08/2001 00:00:00
                      42    Brian                                        Schmidt                                      25/08/1992 00:00:00
                      50    Anish                                        Ishimoto                                     30/01/1992 00:00:00
                      51    Cynthia                                      Nagata                                       28/02/1994 00:00:00
                      52    William                                      Kudo                                         28/03/1993 00:00:00




                      if file format is Delimited we need not to worry about physical length or logical length, bcoz we are able to do reverse engg for that; which automatically set all fields


                      odiColumn.setLength(length); method sets both physical and logical length