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    Issues with using English (Australia)

    Prashant J

      We are trying to utilize English (Australia) for one of our instances and are running into issues.


      1. In the User Profile (Profile and Preferences) popup, we selected the Free Text Language to be ENGLISH and the UI Language to be "English Australia"

      2. We loaded a few Additives in English Australia language (LangID=19) into the Additives table.  Flushed the Cache.  And Reset IIS (being paranoid here)

      3. Logged out (closed all IE Browsers) and logged back into GSM

      4. We notice that all the date formats are now in Australian format (dd/mm/yyyy) - which means our user profile settings worked

      5. But when we open the Additives popup to select Additives, it still shows the English US name instead of the name corresponding to English Australia


      Are we missing a step?  We also tried to set the NLS and MLS settings in the SupportedLanguages table to enable EnglishANZ using an SQL Script and then reset IIS and logged in, but it does not seem to help.


      Please help!

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          Ron M-Oracle

          Can you try the following:

              Update the SupportedCulturesNew table where langCultureName='en-au' and pkid=3 -> try setting langid to 19 here.

          Then restart.

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            Prashant J

            Ron that did not really work.  The side effect of setting the langid to 19 for the SupportedCulturesNew table was that in the Profile and Preferences page, "English(Australia)" stopped showing up associated with Free Text Language = English.


            I guess one way of making this work is to have a Free Text Language called EnglishANZ and selecting that... right?

            So instead of it just being a Culture setting, it would be a real Language Setting.... any thoughts?

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              Prashant J

              Setting the SupportLanguage for EnglishANZ in table SupporedLangauges to Active is causing issues in UGM - understandably.

              Hence, I am assuming that when v6.1.0 was shipped, the enumbs for languages were turned OFF to have only the basic languages.  The various cultures of English are primarily just that - Cultures and not Langauges.


              Is that right?



              An active SupportedLanguage does not exist in the compiled enums:

              An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web
              request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and
              where it originated in the code.

              Exception Details:
              Xeno.Prodika.Common.ProdikaConfigurationException: An active
              SupportedLanguage does not exist in the compiled enums:

              Source Error:

              [No relevant source lines]

              c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET
              Files\ugm\a19df85f\ed889b31\App_Web_ekrwjqqv.6.cs    Line: 0

              Stack Trace:

              [ProdikaConfigurationException: An active SupportedLanguage does not exist in the compiled enums: ENGLISHANZ] Xeno.Prodika.Services.PrincipalManagementService.Controller.ActiveLanguagesHelper.GetActiveLanguages(String sqlCommand, Type cultureLanguages) +228 Xeno.Prodika.Services.PrincipalManagementService.Controller.ActiveLanguagesHelper..ctor(ILanguageCultureHelper languageCultureHelper) +42 Xeno.Prodika.Services.PrincipalManagementService.Controller.PrincipalManagementService.Initialize() +357 Xeno.Prodika.Services.Service.set_ServiceContext(IServiceContext value) +44 Xeno.Prodika.Services.ServiceManager.Xeno.Prodika.Services.IServiceManager.get_Item(String key) +208 Prodika.PrincipalManagement.Common.AppHelper.GetPMService() +21 Prodika.PrincipalManagement.Common.Plugins.UgmMruStatusFormatPlugin.GetText(IFormatPluginContext context) +362 Xeno.Prodika.MRUService.BusinessObjects.ObjectMRUBOForDisplayFactory.GetObjectStatus(IXDataObject primaryDataObject, IFormatPluginExtension formatPlugin, Int32 maxLength) +42 Xeno.Prodika.MRUService.BusinessObjects.ObjectMRUBOForDisplayFactory.CreateFromDO(IObjectMRUDO objectMRUDO, MRUDisplayFormatingContext mruDisplayFormatingContext) +79 Xeno.Prodika.MRUService.MostRecentlyUsedServiceBase.GetObjectMRUBO(IObjectMRUDO objectMRUDO) +57 
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                Ron M-Oracle

                Yes, it looks like you are right. Since we do not have an NLS pack for English(Australia), this scenario is not supported.