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    Need to get additional data under <LinesVORow> in Sales Order XML using PrintExtensionObject interface with method getPrintExtensionXMLFragment




      I implemented PrintExtensionObject interface with method getPrintExtensionXMLFragment in a custom java class.

      I was able to get the data into the XML but all the tags were being added under <SO> tag only where as I need the data to be added under <LinesVORow> tag to use the tags in my RTF template.


      As one can have several lines for an order, we cannot use the lines attributes coming under <SO> to be printed under lines section in "Preview and Print" report.

      I asked oracle through an SR to give me a solution and they said I should try Lines VO Extension. I never heard of this before and didn't get much help by searching on metalink nor on any other forum.


      If anyone of you implemented the PrintExtensionObject custom class to get the lines attributes data added under a specific xml tag other than <SO> in SO xml, please help me.

      Please let me know if anyone acquired such similar requirement through an alternate approach.



      - Raghu