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    VBA to pull from Financial Reporting Studio/Reporting and Analysis Framework


      Hi all,


      I just started using Financial Reporting Studio, and I did a lot of research online to try to answer the questions I have below but to no avail, so I'm hoping I can get answers from the experts here.


      1. I was wondering if it's possible to use SmartView VBA to pull a report from the "Reporting and Analysis Framework" onto Excel? If yes, how?

      2. When I tried to pull lots of data from "Reporting and Analysis Framework" onto Excel using SmartView, it keeps getting the error message "New report failed to insert properly". Is there a way around this? Essentially, what I'm trying to do is pull the Expense data (Actuals, Budget, Forecast) from year 2011 to 2015 (by month) for every department (with each department being on its own worksheet using the split feature). If I reduce the number of departments or columns, it'll work, but when I try to keep everything, it fails.


      Thanks for your guys' help!