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    Reporting SYS.FGA_LOG$.CLIENTID in Audit Vault


      Has anyone found a way to report on the session CLIENTID field collected from the FGA audit log table (SYS.FGA_LOG$)?   We are trying to deploy Audit Vault against our PeopleSoft system, and because of the PIA architecture, all DML actions are logged under one generic database user ID (namely PSFT).  The application session user id (eg JOEBLOW) is being captured in the FGA, but stored elsewhere in the CLIENTID column.


      When Audit Vault collects the records, it puts CLIENTID into a CLOB column called EXTENSION along with a dozen other fields.   None of the built-in reports can interpret the values in EXTENSION.   The only way I can think of working around this is to build a custom report definition/template, but that seems like extra work that should come with the Audit Vault product.   Also, you can't custom build interactive reports. 


      Looks like this product is incomplete to me?