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    Slow Web Start Launch Times




      This article is an interesting read for people unaware of the security changes introduced in 1.7.0_25.  Within the article is the quote "Enterprises with managed networks and without access to the Internet (resulting in no access to the revocation services provided by Certificate Authorities) will see a significant delay in startup times."  I think the word significant should be in bold and underlined.


      Launch times for our application (when already cached on client workstations) is under 40 seconds when on a network with Internet access.  Clients on managed networks are reporting launch times of six to ten minutes because the certificate checker isn't smart enough to skip checking subsequent JAR's after a previous check fails do to a connection timeout.  Is there an alternative to deactivating certificate checking on the workstations that could mitigate this issue?  Any insight would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!