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    getPostData: Premature read abort on post data

      Hi All,

      Running 7.0.16 on RedHat 5 x64. Two nodes behind a Cisco CSS.

      Seeing this error periodically in my server logs. Can't really find any commentary on what this means or how to go about troubleshooting.
      jrNSAPI[15056] reports: getPostData: Premature read abort on post data
      Any ideas? Happening with a variety of browser agents and against a variety of different code on the app side.

      One thing I have noticed is that the request length for all these 500 errors is the same -- 232 bytes.

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          That looks like the Coldfusion  plugin. You might want to check with Adobe.  The 232 bytes is probably just the default 500 error going out.


          There is some code here, but I have no idea what version that maps to or who supports it.


          ftp://web3.naeir.org/CFusion/jrun/connectors/src/nsapi/interface.c  (this looks like an old version)


          avail = sn->inbuf->cursize - sn->inbuf->pos;

          if (avail == 0) {

          avail = netbuf_grab(sn->inbuf, clen);

          if (avail == IO_ERROR || avail == IO_EOF) {

          r->log(r, "getPostData: Premature read abort on post data");

          r->shouldReadMore = 0;

          return -1;



          That suggests that if the attempt to read the netbuffer failed with an IO_ERROR or EOF it would log that error. If you can reproduce I would get a network trace and raise a support ticket to Adobe as

          they support this (well Oracle does not anyway)


          Also check if the plugin is suitable for Oracle Iplanet Web Server 7.0 - all the references I can find are pretty old.